Over the past year I have been working as a programmer and musician amongst a team of 9 for FEY, a 2.5D metroidvania style game. FEY is a very narrative driven game, set in the aftermath of a raging conflict between two forces of nature. You take the role of Fey, a captured young woman who befriends a lost spirit, and together you explore and fight your way to freedom.

The project has been a very interesting, working in a genre I knew very little about was a refreshing experience.

My responsibilities:

  • Player abilities/movement programming
  • All audio-related programming
  • Music!
  • Bossfight
  • Level mechanics
  • Recording, editing, and subtitling the dialogue. (200+ lines!)


I will write more here upon the game’s release, but until then, you can check out the trailer below, or the gamejolt page here!