Scavenger II: The Prequel‘ for Global Game Jam 2018.

  • I did programming alongside Aleksandrs Konusa, and made the music. Kevin Wick, Kayleigh Clarke, and Fern Khaoroptham did art. Kane Arscott did animation. Miles Callingham and Courtney Raine did design.



@CoalFire said:

So, even while following the development on twitter, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of this. Seeing as the earlier sequel was a bit rough around the edges while still being a ridiculous and over the top shooter, I was a little skeptical about the transition to first person. But all of my doubts were dashed in the first moments when I saw the wee shiba in the corner and joined what essentially felt like an alien gangbang. The action doesn’t stop until the game is over and every moment was a chaotic blast all the way until the end. It took me one round to figure out what was going on but that’s fine. Sure the aliens could walk thorough doors but it added to the experience in its own weird way. If this isn’t among the top places for GGJ18, they’re scoring things wrong.