I have been regularly composing music since 2010. Here are some of my latest pieces. Feel free to check out my soundcloud for older work!

(The below samples are low-quality exports as the internet where I’m currently living is not ideal!)


“Moth Boss” (2018)

An orchestral piece I made for my university 3rd year group game project, ‘Fey‘, specifically for the game’s end boss fight.


“Main Menu Theme” (2017)

A retro-style piece for a side project of mine.

“The Final Stop” (2017)

This is a piece I composed and performed entirely on ukulele, for a 2017 game jam entry of the same name. I recorded a few variations then layered together and pitch shifted some takes up or down.


“Fight” (2016)

A techno-ish track I composed for my university 1st year group game project, ‘Alt’. It is the battle music played whilst players fight one another.


“Kleyna – The Wolf (ThisWasEd Remix)” (2014)

This was a remix I created of a drumstep track for a competition – which I won!